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4th-6th Grade “JAM CAMP”​

We are testing out a new type of group layout for Z’Camp!​

Campers in 4th through 6th grade will be participating in a slightly upgraded camp option we are calling JAM Camp! They will have a different schedule from Groups 1-12 during regular camp hours, go on different field trips, participate in age-appropriate activities, and all around have an experience more tailored to their age!​

We have added THREE (!!) additional groups (Groups 13-15) to our camp.

JAM Camp Swim Info

Our JAM Camp attendees who are GREEN swimmers will be participating in swim practice with the summer swim competition team in the afternoons, according to their group assignment. All swim team practices are held in the lap pool.​

Participation in actual swim competitions is optional!​

JAM Camp attendees who are YELLOW swimmers will also be swimming on the same days as the green swimmers in their group. They will be receiving swim level appropriate instruction in the diving pool.​

JAM Camp attendees who are RED swimmers will be adjusted to swimming in the afternoons on their groups assigned day with one of the 2nd-3rd grade groups. Red swimmer instruction will be held in the shallow practice pool.​

Group 13: TBA

Group 14: TBA

Group 15: TBA

JAM Camp Swim Days​

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