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Senior Picture - Amber Dawson.jpeg
08153C14-0692-4AE6-B841-B439D6CA18DA - Emma Kallembach.jpeg
20230218_111209 - Lavenya Vasudevan (LVS).jpg

Name: Ms Amber

Position: Counselor

Years With Z'Camp: 4 years

Summer 2023 Goal: Have a fun and exciting summer with all these cute kiddos!

Name: Ms. Emma

Position: Counselor

Years With Z'Camp: This is my first year!

Summer 2023 Goal: My goal is to have a ton of fun! I can’t wait to meet all the kids!

Name: Ms. Lavenya

Position: Counselor

Years With Z'Camp: This is my first year

Summer 2023 Goal: Have fun with kids!!

Name: Mr. Alex
Position: Counselor

Name: Ms. Marissa 

Position: Counselor

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